Heart of England Way, Meriden

This walk takes you to St Laurence Church where you can join the Coventry Way and Heart of England Way footpaths. It is a leisurely countryside walk over footpaths and fields, approx. 2.4 miles each way. There are a number of metal public footpath gates on the route.

1. Turn left out of Somers Wood Caravan Park to the main road and turn left along the tarmac path for 300yds.
2. Look for two wide metal gates with a sign ′Dog Hotel′ on the right. Cross Hampton Lane and go through the footpath gate to the right of the gates. Follow the path straight down until the gravel works.
3. The original path is diverted at this point. Take the path left between the hedge and small pool, (which may be mostly concealed by reeds). In 100yds you will see the treatment plant fence. Bear left along the side of the treatment plant (it is not an unpleasant treatment plant).
4. You will reach a tarmac lane at the end of the treatment plant fence. Cross over and through the footpath gate on the far side. Now walk diagonally right heading toward the footpath gate at the bottom of this field.
5. When you reach the gate (or the little culvert before it) bear right to follow the path around the boundary hedge of Meriden Hall. (You can go through the gate and turn left to emerge on Meriden Main Road).
6. Keeping left, the path takes you around Meriden Hall, then a Static Caravan Site until you reach a footpath gate at Berkswell Road. Cross the road and continue through another footpath gate on the far side. Take care with traffic.
7. Follow the path downhill for a short distance, keeping right when other village paths join from your left. Where the path joins Church Lane continue straight on, passing a sign for the Heart of England Way.
8. As you pass Moat Farm House (Dated 1609) look left for the Heart of England Way information board and enter St Laurence Churchyard. This is one of the few view points over Birmingham. The footpath descends through the churchyard and across fields to the Coventry Road.
9. On the far side of the road, descend steps to Coventry Old Road and the Queens Head Inn.

The map shows some alternative return routes. Hiking enthusiasts may wish to walk some of the Coventry Way or Heart of England Way paths. You can see one leg of the Coventry Way leading East from the churchyard. This takes you cross-country through Millisons Wood to West Coventy. The other Coventry Way legs are part of the Coventry Way Circular (40miles).
A recommendation would be to follow the Heart of England Way south from the Churchyard to the ancient village of Berkswell (St Berculs Well) which is 3 miles each way.